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A new leap forward with VISION 2027!
With the development of new and advanced technology and a challenge spirit,
ENF Technology grows as a leading company in the global electronic materials field.

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KC&A has established a solid business structure through
sales of products from Korea Alcohol Industrial, development of
various products and stable supply of raw materials to affiliate companies. Based on know-how and technology
accumulated over 20 years, it also generates outstanding results
in the global chemical products trading industry.

Continuous development for change and growth

The list of primary items it handles includes industrial ethanol, ethyl acetate, normal butyl acetate, etc.
manufactured by Korea Alcohol Industrial Co., Ltd. It has also successfully developed various products
and increased sales of, for example, PTA, MEG IPA, DMF, DOP, methanol and toluene to continue incredible growth as a top-class
general trading company based on 20 years of know-how, stable financial conditions and a thorough service mind.

  • Address 14, Tapsil-ro 35beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • CEO Chi Yong-seok, Kim Jeong-soo
  • Main phone +82-31-881-8100
  • Areas of business General trading
  • Website www.kcna.co.kr