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Promotional Material



ENF Technology that has been growing with our customers will strive to go
beyond our limits and become a globally competitive company based on
our know-how and technology we gained over these years.


Expressing the professionalism
and spirit of taking on new challenges
as a pioneer

ENF’s new CI expresses professionalism through differentiated technology as an expert in electronic materials and fine chemicals, as well as by demonstrating the spirit of taking on new challenges as a pioneer in the field of process chemicals.

The logotype, which features edges formed by a combination of curves and straight lines that symbolize advancement and elaborate technology, as well as a wing-like design that embodies our organization’s will to soar and leap high. Also, the color red draws a high degree of attention and expresses our challenge-seeking and pioneering spirit.

  • Logotype

    The logotype is an important design element that constitutes the identity of ENF along with our logo.
    Also, the logotype is used to materialize the identity of ENF in place of the ENF logo.

  • Logotype

    Grayscale is used in the event that the colors of the ENF logo cannot be reproduced,
    and must be used with caution in order to maintain the image of the existing logo even when expressing it in solid colors.

    로고타입 그레이스케일
  • Graphic motif

    The graphic motif is an important design element that forms the identity of ENF.
    The graphic motif may be applied in two types: basic and grayscale (black, white and gray), and use of other colors must be avoided.

    그래픽모티프 기본형
    Basic type
    그래픽모티프 Grayscale 형
    Grayscale type
  • Exclusive

    Exclusive colors are another important element that forms the identity of ENF.
    They must be applied without any deformations and/or distortions, according to the proposed standard.

    • ENF Red
      • Process Color

        C5 M100 Y10 K0

      • RGB Color

        R255 G18 B130

      • Spot Color

        Pantone Color219C

    • ENF Gray
      • Process Color

        C0 M0 Y0 K50

      • RGB Color

        R147 G149 B152

      • Spot Color

        Pantone Color Gray8C