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A unique “smart chemical provider” founded on continuous research and development
and outstanding technological prowess in the fields of electronic materials and fine chemistry

Process chemicals used in core manufacturing processes of
semiconductor / display are the main field of ENF Technology and a foundation
business that has led ENF’s success.

Process chemicals, which are used in most semiconductor / display manufacturing processes,
are necessary chemical materials that have an absolute effect in yields and
defects of each process, are based on raw material purification technology, recycle technology,
formulation technology, and applied surfactant technology.

Resolve photoresists | ENFTECH
Category Product groups Products
For semiconductors Etchant 50% HF, BOE, HSN
Stripper Cu, PERR, for WLP, for CIS
Thinner Solvent mixtures such as PGMEA, PGME, etc.
Developer TMAH mixtures, Nba
Others NH4OH, HMDS, IPA, Ethylene Glycol
Displays Etchant Cu Etchant, Pixel Etchant, BOE
Stripper Organic, semi-aqueous
Cleaner Initial and intermediate OLED cleaner, Ethanol
Thinner PGMEA, PGME, nBA-type mixtures
Developer TMAH, KOH mixtures


  • 신너

    Thinners are base materials that eliminate unnecessary photoresists in edges or nozzles of boards during semiconductor / display manufacturing processes in order to carry out the processes in a normal way. For semiconductors, they are used as wafer EBR (Edge Bead Remover), RRC to reduce the use of photoresists, rework of photoresists, and cleaning processes for pipes. For TFT-LCD displays, they are applied to cleaning of photoresist spray nozzles, coater cup cleaning, etc. in addition to the EBR process. ENF Technology developed and applied the nation’s first-ever thinner recycling technology and currently holds an unequaled status in the domestic thinner market.

  • 박리액

    Strippers are primarily used to dissolve and remove photoresists in masks for etching processes during semiconductor / display manufacturing, and are also used to eliminate polymers, modified materials of photoresists generated in the dry etching process. ENF Technology develops and sells various stripper products tailored to special characteristics of each semiconductor / display manufacturing process based on its formulation additive application, purification, and recycle technology.

  • 식각액

    Etchants are materials used in wet etching among the semiconductor / display manufacturing processes. In display manufacturing processes, they are primarily used to remove metal films to make patterns and, in semiconductor manufacturing processes, they are often utilized to eliminate silicone oxide or nitride films.

  • 현상액

    Developers are products with functions that selectively dissolve exposed/non-exposed areas of photoresists exposed to infrared rays to form patterns during the lithography process of semiconductor / display manufacturing. Photoresist patterns created in such a manner are used as masks for etching and implant processes or realizing colors like color filters. ENF Technology develops and supplies various products tailored to semiconductor / display developing processes based on additive application technology, in addition to developers based on TMAH and KOH.

  • 세정액

    Cleaners serve to eliminate residue, particles, etc. generated during semiconductor / display manufacturing. As lithography patterns become more refined during the semiconductor / display manufacturing processes, the importance of cleaning continues to be emphasized.

Removing excessive photoresists