CEO Message


Ethical Management

Mission & Vision


A new leap forward with VISION 2027!
With the development of new and advanced technology and a challenge spirit,
ENF Technology grows as a leading company in the global electronic materials field.


Chemicals of convenience and wellbeing, and beyond

We have made remarkable growth with customers. Based on our extensive experience and advanced technology,
we produce advanced highly-functional products!
ENF Technology Co., Ltd. will always remain the same – by that we mean we refuse to be satisfied with the status quo
and will take a step into a bigger world through continuous R&D activities and technological prowess.


Smart Chemical Provider leaping forward with Vision 2027 to achieve
KRW 1 trillion in sales and differentiated solutions


  • 기술경쟁력강화 1

    Strengthen technical competitiveness

  • 글로벌 시장확대 2

    Expansion of global market

  • 신 성장동력 발굴 3

    New growth engine

  • 운영체계 고도화 4

    Advanced operation system



  • 독보적 전문성

    Unique expertise

    Promote our expertise with constant challenge

  • 신뢰기반 소통

    Trust-based communication

    Open-minded communication based on expertise

  • 창의적 융합

    Creative convergence

    Converge technology and experience gained through communication

  • 진취적 도전

    Enterprising Challenge

    Relentless challenge towards our goal with convergence and synergy