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A new leap forward with VISION 2027!
With the development of new and advanced technology and a challenge spirit,
ENF Technology grows as a leading company in the global electronic materials field.


“ENF Technology” is a Smart Chemical Provider creating differentiated solutions.

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Leading global company
in electronic materials market

Founded as an electronic materials manufacturer and fine chemical corporation
in 2000, ENF Technology Co., Ltd. has been pioneering in the field of electronic
materials with the development of new technology and a spirit of challenge.
Through diversification of our business and ceaseless R&D, we have accomplished
significant growth in sales and now preparing to take the second leap.


A NEW START, Prepare to take the
second leap in Giheung, the mecca of

ENF Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable growth through thorough management
innovation, reinforced competitiveness, core-strengthening management and procurement
of new growth engines. We continue to create a sustainable enterprise that looks ahead
100 years through ceaseless change and innovation without remaining in the present.
ENF Technology Co., Ltd. is now preparing for a new leap. Our move to the new Giheung
Headquarters will be the foundation for the new leap through the pursuit of mutual growth with
customers, focus on R&D and strengthening of competitiveness.


GLOBAL, The vision to look farther
ahead and the ability to act faster
than all others!

ENF Technology Co., Ltd. strives to become a company that possesses insight
to discover and reinforce the driving force of growth. To expand our pool of
customers in the rapidly growing Chinese market, we aim to equip ourselves with
business networks and production capacity at major hubs within China and to secure
a leading status in the Chinese electronic materials market.


R&D, equipped with the unique DNA of
ENF Technology Co., Ltd. for growth!

As a leading corporation in the field of electronic materials for displays and semiconductors,
ENF Technology Co., Ltd. creates high added value with continuous R&D and differentiated
technology, and expands investments into R&D through, for example, R&D Centers in Giheung
and Ulsan, advance technical development and technical partnerships with world-renowned
corporations. Through ceaseless research, development and a spirit of challenge, we not only serve as
the first mover that leads the 21st century electronic materials industry but also prepare to become
a company capable of going beyond Korea and competing with the world.

  • Company name ENF Technology Co., Ltd.
  • CEO Chi Yong-seok, Kim Jeong-soo, Park Kee-soo
  • Founded May 2000
  • Primary areas of business Electronic materials and fine chemical products manufacturing
  • Capital 7.1 billion KRW
  • Headquarters 14, Tapsil-ro 35beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Office / Plant (Ulsan Plant) 66, Sanggae-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan,
    (Asan Plant) 123-38, Inju-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do


  • 2000 ~ 2003

    Secured the foundation for the business
    base through the establishment of a raw
    material synthesis plant for photoresists,
    Ulsan Plant for process chemicals, and
    an annexed research institute

  • 2007 ~ 2009

    Secured a growth engine through
    the completion of the 2nd plant (Asan) and
    listing on KOSDA

  • 2004 ~ 2006

    Secured a solid position in the market
    through technical development

  • 2010 ~

    Rapid growth through diversification
    of business

  • 2010~
    • New VISION Statement

    • Achieved $200 million Export Tower

    • Constructed Giheung Headquarters and Central R&D Center

    • Signed MOU with the City of Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do (for residence in Cheonan Industrial Complex 5)

    • Selected as a Rising Star by The Export-Import Bank of Korea (6th consecutive year)

    • Selected as a Hidden Champion by The Export-Import Bank of Korea (3rd consecutive year)

    • Selected as a World Class 300 by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    • Selected as a KDB Global Star by Korea Development Bank

    • Selected as a Hidden Champion by the Korea Exchange (2nd consecutive year)

    • Founded ENF (Guangzhou) Technology China

    • Newly constructed Ulsan R&D building

    • Achieved $100 million Export Tower

    • Founded ENF (Wuhan) Technology China


    • Founded FEM Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2007~2009
    • Achieved $50 million Export Tower

    • Listed on KOSDAQ

    • Constructed Asan Plant

    • Received approval on preliminary review for listing

    • Achieved $20 million Export Tower

    • Began mass production of color pastes

    • Registered patent on the method of processing waste organic solvents

    • Received commendation from the Director of the National Tax Service on Model Taxpayers’ Day

  • 2004~2006
    • Signed MOU with Chungcheongnam-do (for residence in Foreign Investment Zone in Asan)

    • Acquired certification for advanced/high-level technology

    • Acquired certification for new technology
      (ArF Monomer)

    • Acquired the status of INNO-BIZ

    • Confirmed as a venture firm (new technology company)

  • 2000~2003
    • Established a corporate annexed research institute

    • Supplied raw materials for ArF photoresist

    • Launched thinner recycling business

    • Constructed a process chemicals plant

    • Constructed a photoresist raw materials synthesis plant

    • Acquired ISO 9001, 14001

    • Founded ENF Technology Co., Ltd.

Etching process for semiconductor