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    Etching process semiconductor | ENFTECH

    Process Chemical

    Process chemicals used in core manufacturing processes of
    semiconductor / display are the main field of ENF Technology and
    a foundation business that has led ENF’s success.


    Fine Chemical

    Fine chemical products used in the manufacturing
    processes of semiconductor / display are the core
    raw materials for photoresists based on advanced
    synthesis techniques and refining technology.

    컬러페이스트 컬러페이스트 컬러페이스트 컬러페이스트

    Color Paste

    Color pastes for display color filters have been successfully
    localized, through long-term research and development, to lead
    the color paste domestic market as a future growth engine.


    Smart Chemical Provider

    • 01

      VISION 2027

      With the spirit of professionalism, communication,
      convergence and challenge, we are moving to
      a bigger world to present our new Vision 2027.
      ENF Technology will grow into a Smart Chemical
      Provider that achieves 1 trillion KRW in sales
      and produces differentiated solutions.

    • 02

      R&D Center

      The core technology based on high-level research
      capabilities of the research and development
      organization is the growth engine
      of ENF Technology Co., Ltd.

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      All step-by-step inspection items and history
      management are tracked by the ISO quality system
      and a quality control system is provided through
      perfect quality assurance for customer satisfaction.

    About ENF Technology

    • Leading global company
      in electronic materials market

      As a specialized manufacturer with advanced
      technologies, we will become the global leader
      in the electronic materials market.

    • Realize localization of electronic
      materials with unique technology

      We carry out research activities for strategic investment and development as the No. 1 company in the domestic display thinner and Cu etchant market and succeeded in localizing color pastes to realize internal production and localization of electronic materials for displays, contributing to industrial development.

    • Change for global market

      We have established global competitiveness by
      expanding production plants in China while
      searching for new market growth and securing
      China's market share.

    Chemicals of convenience
    and wellbeing, and beyond

    Value System

    We rise up anew with new technological developments and our spirit of challenge.

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    ENF Global

    Becoming a global electronic materials company
    through new market forays

    Investment Information

    Investment information about ENF Technology

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    Business Locations

    Domestic business locations of ENF Technology

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    Etching process semiconductor