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A unique “smart chemical provider” founded on continuous research and development
and outstanding technological prowess in the fields of electronic materials and fine chemistry

ENF Technology produces core raw materials for photoresists based
on advanced synthesis techniques and refining technology.

Fine chemistry products used in semiconductor / display manufacturing processes are produced
based on synthesis and purification technology. We manufacture monomers and binders
used in display products, as well as photoresist monomers and polymers, photo-acid generators,
antireflection monomers and polymers, and other materials used in semiconductors.

Removal of silicone nitride | ENFTECH
Category Product groups
For semiconductors Monomers and polymers for photoresists
Photo Acid Generator
Anti Reflective Coating Monomer, Polymer
Raw materials for hard masks
Displays Monomer


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    Raw materials for photoresists

    ENF Technology is a domestic manufacturer of core raw materials for photoresists and holds an unequaled status in the domestic market in the aspects of technology and sales growth. As the amount of usage of photoresists increases in major semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, the market scope for monomers and photo-acid generators, which are its core raw materials, continue to expand. The use of photoresists is expected to increase as the line width of semiconductor circuits continues to be refined, and, as a result, ENF Technology’s monomer, polymer, and photo-acid generator business holds great potential for growth. Since the early days of photoresist development, ENF Technology has been developing core raw materials for photoresists with semiconductor material manufacturers, securing technical competitiveness to compete with globally renowned companies and head towards the world as an unequaled core raw material manufacturer in the domestic market.

Supplying core raw materials for photoresists
PR polymers
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Removal of silicone nitride